SALZBURG — Day Trips From Salzburg

Salzburg has a very good regional bus service and it is possible to visit a number of places nearby by bus for a wonderful day out. Germany is also very near and can easily be visited as a day trip.
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Day trips you can make from Salzburg include:
Lake Königssee


The three-storey main building of Schloss Hellbrunn was built between 1613 and 1615 by the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, Markus Sittikus of Hohenems as a country house. It consists of a rectangular court with two pavilions on the front corner. A double-sided stairway in the front leads to the central main gate of Schloss Hellbrunn. Even today, Hellbrunn and its extensive grounds are among the finest examples of Renaissance architecture north of the Alps. The famous trick fountains are unique and you will not find anything anywhere else that compares with these. Visitors today can enjoy almost unchanged the same endearing features that once entertained the archbishops — strange and mysterious grottoes, water-driven moving figures, and mischievous water jets that can catch you unawares as you walk around. The palace itself was rarely used as a residence but was used mainly as a venue for parties and festivities, spectacular events and cultural highlights. Today it houses a collection of regional folklore with objects of popular customs and religions, furnishings, popular medicine and a number of beautiful traditional costumes.

The trick fountain gardens of Hellbrunn Palace were built by masons who were the best craftsmen of their time from Salzburg and Italy, under the guidance of Santino Solari who was also the architect of the palace. The most famous features are the Neptune fountain built in the early 17th century and the so-called Roman Theatre with a marble table and seats that are part of a hidden fountain. The machinery underlying this mechanism is based on five automatic water pumps that are part of the original ensemble. They were supplemented with waterpower driven mechanical theatre between 1749 and 1752. This theatre of Hellbrunn contains 138 moving, wooden figures.

You can get to Hellbrunn by Bus No 25 from Salzburg station or in the city centre.
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Traveller's Tip

When you are on the tour of the trick fountains and you are asked if you want to sit at the marble table just be aware that you will get very wet when the water jets are turned on — great on a hot day but not so good when it is cold as you will probably stay wet for a long time.

The town of Berchtesgaden is found about 30 kilometres from Salzburg and is just over the border of Austria in Germany. The quickest way to make this trip is by bus and it will take about 50 minutes on bus 840 from the hub near the main train station in Salzburg. There are several places to visit here.
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You can take a bus from Berchtesgaden to the top of Mount Kehlstein to visit the Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus), which was headquarters of Hitler’s Nazi government and now has a museum and restaurant. The view you get from here is truly magnificent and is certainly worth the visit. To get here you will need to take bus 838/849 from Berchtesgaden bus station to Obersalzberg and from there you take a special bus that takes you up to the Eagle’s Nest.
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You can take a 90-minute tour of the local salt mine which is quite close to Berchtesgaden. You get to wear traditional miner’s clothing, ride down on a wooden slide into salt grottoes and cross a subterranean lake on a raft. If you are catching bus 840 from Salzburg then one of the stops before you reach Berchtesgaden will be Salzbergwerk which is where you need to get out to visit the salt mine. You can find out the bus information on the website above about bus line 840.
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You can visit Schloss Berchtesgaden which is found in the main square. This palace was the residence of Crown Prince Rupprecht who died here in 1955. It is furnished with rare family treasures including wood sculptures by Tilman Riemenschneider and Veit Stoss as well as some luxurious furniture, hunting weapons and fine porcelain.

A short walk from the town centre will bring you to the Heimatmuseum which is the local history museum. It is housed in an old castle and the collection consists of arts and crafts products such as small wooden boxes, wooden toys, woodwind instruments and carvings made from wood, bone and ivory.

If you are interested in spas or are travelling with children in summer the Watzmann Therme is worth a visit. It is Berchtesgaden’s thermal wellness and fun activity pool complex and consists of indoor and outdoor pools with slides for the family as well as saunas, steam baths, solariums and massage rooms.
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Lake Konigssee

Lake Königssee
This picturesque lake is found near Salzburg and makes an excellent day trip away from the city. It is found in the Berchtesgaden National Park and the lake is surrounded by some spectacular mountain scenery. The town by the lake is Schöau am Königssee and it is a pretty and traditional Bavarian town though it is touristy. The best way to view the lake is to take one of the electric or mechanic boats from the dock in the town. You can alight at several spots on the lake and as you glide along you will see such sights as the monastery of St Bartholomä with its onion-shaped dome which you will find on many postcards in the town and is probably one of the prettiest sights on the lake. Also there is the Echo Wall where the guide on the boat will play a tune on his flügelhorn and the response will bounce back several times and is quite amazing.
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Traveller's Tip

When you take the boat around the lake take it to the furtherest stop at Salet and if you want to visit the monastery you can get off there on the journey back. Just remember to allow yourself a few hours as the return journey to Salet takes around two hours.