SALZBURG — Overview

Salzburg is just a short distance from its neighbour Germany. It is a small city that is easily walked around and visited over a few days. Salzburg means ‘salt castle’, which refers to the massive fortress that dominates the city and the salt from the mountains in the South. It is arguably Austria’s most beautiful city.

Salzburg is a very popular tourist destination and famous for mainly four things: The old town which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site as well as being full of wonderful Baroque architecture; as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; the world-class Salzburg Festival, a series of opera, concerts and theatre performances during the summer and as the place where the movie ‘The Sound of Music’ was filmed.

Salzburg is divided into two areas and this division follows the banks of the Salzach River which bisects the city centre. The old town is found on the southern bank and this is where you will find most of Salzburg’s attractions. The northern bank contains a few attractions as well as being the main hub for buses and is where the main train station is found.

Getting There
Salzburg airport is around a half an hour by bus from the city centre and there are flights to and from destinations all over Austria and Europe. You can also take a low cost flight from the UK by Ryanair.
To find out more information about the airport visit the website at:

There are three bus lines that travel between the airport and Salzburg city centre or the main railway station. These are nos 2, 27 and 8 and information about the timetable and prices of these buses can be found on the following website:

You can also arrive in Salzburg by train and there are connections to the main train station from many other cities in Europe. You can then take a bus or a taxi from the station to your accommodation.
Information about the trains is found at the following website:

Traveller's Tip

You can buy the Salzburg Card that gives you free admission to all the attractions and free use of public transport as well as discounts for other events. There are 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours tickets available and information about prices and where you can buy the card can be found on the following website: