VIENNA — Overview

Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria and is also its largest city. It is considered the cultural, economic and political centre of Austria.

Vienna has 23 districts or wards that radiate out from the historic centre. Geographically these have been grouped into the following five areas:

  • The first area is known as the Innere Stadt which is the small central distict.
  • It is encircled by the Ringstrasse which is a wide boulevard full of grand buildings.
  • Next comes the area east of the Danube Canal which is a residential district full of parks and more modern buildings than those found in the centre.
  • Next is known as ‘Inside the Gürtel’(the city’s multi-laned road) which covers districts three to nine and ring the Innere Stadt with a horseshoe shape to the west and south.
  • The last is known as ‘Outside the Gürtel’ and covers those districts beyond this road.

Getting There
Vienna airport is about 20 kilometres south of the city centre and there are flights to and from destinations all over Austria and Europe.
To find out more information about the airport visit the website at:

The easiest way to travel to and from the city and the airport is by train. The most convenient train is the City Airport Train which leaves every 30 minutes and takes about 16 minutes of non-stop travel time.
Information about the timetable and prices of this train can be found on the website at:

A cheaper alternative is using the ordinary train known as the S-bahn which takes about 25 minutes and the trains still leave approximately every 30 minutes.
Information about the trains is found at the following website:

You can also use the airport bus which takes about 25 minutes to reach the city centre.
Information about the airport bus as well as other buses if you are arriving from other regions in Austria is found at the following website:

You can also arrive in Vienna by train from other parts of Europe and there are three main train stations — Westbahnhof, Südbahnhof and Franz-Josef-Bahnhof. To find out information about the trains visit the website at:

Traveller's Tip

There are various tourist transport tickets available for Vienna and information about the various tickets as well as some excellent public transport maps can be found on the following website: