Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is home to almost 2 million people. It is situated on the Øresund Strait within sight of its neighbour, Sweden. It is the Royal city that is home to the oldest monarchy in the world and the palaces belonging to them can be seen in the centre of the city. Copenhagen is over a thousand years old and has many historical buildings and monuments to visit but it is also renowned for its cutting-edge design. It is home to trendy shops, cafes and bars and some of the best restaurants in the world. There are world-class museums; art collections; exciting new artchitecture and the beauty of nature found in its parks, beaches and woodland areas found close to the city.

Copenhagen is very easy to get around and because it is so compact you can walk across the city centre in an hour. Cycling is one of the main ways that the locals get around but there are also excellent public transport choices such as the metro, buses and trains. This makes Copenhagen an ideal choice for those that only have a few days to spend in a city.

Getting There
The easiest way to arrive in Copenhagen is by air. The main airport of Kastrup is found at Amager, south of the city centre and you can get into the centre easily in around 14 minutes by Metro which is found under Terminal 3. You can buy tickets at the metro station or at the DSB ticket sales counter in Terminal 3. There are also trains that take you into Copenhagen which are located near Terminal 3. There is a free shuttle service from Terminal 1 to 3 which takes around 5 minutes. The trains run frequently and take you to Copenhagen Central Station in about 15 minutes. You can buy tickets at the machines found in Terminal 3 just above the railway sation as well as the DSB ticket sales counter. You could also take a bus which takes you directly into the city centre. This is Bus 5A which takes around half an hour and runs frequently.
For more information about the Copenhagen Metro visit the website:
For more information about the train services visit the website: (some of this website is in Danish only)
For more information about the bus services visit the website: (some of this website is in Danish only)

Traveller's Tip

Be aware that the ticket machines for the metro, train and bus only take coins and credit cards, not notes.
  • You can buy your bus ticket on the bus but the driver will only take coins.
  • You can also find information about the various forms of transport you can take to and from the airport on the aiport website and this is in English:

    It is also possible to arrive in Copenhagen by train from other parts of Europe and Scandinavia. There are lots of connections from Sweden and there are also fairly frequent connections from various cities in Europe.
    For more information about the trains visit the following website:

    Buses also connect Copenhagen with other cities in Europe.
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    It is also possible to take a ferry to and from Copenhagen.
    For more information about ferries visit the following website:

    Getting Around
    The Greater Copenhagen area is divided into zones and maps of these zones can be found at bus stops and stations. Whilst you have a valid ticket you can travel on metro, bus and train. It will say on the back of your ticket how long it is valid for. For frequent public transport use it is cheaper to buy 10 trips at a time or you can buy a 24-hour ticket. There is also the Copenhagen Card which not only gives you free travel on public transport including to and from the airport but free entry to some of the major attractions.
    For more information about the various travel cards including the Copenhagen Card visit the website:
    Information about the Copenhagen Card can be found on the website: