ASWAN — Overview

Aswan is a very peaceful place to lay back and enjoy the beauty of the Nile. It is Egypt’ southernmost city and is the gateway to Africa.A perfect way to spend your time here would be to spend time relaxing and enjoying the stunning scenery. The best time to visit Aswan is in winter when the days are warm and dry because in summer the temperatures soar and it is too hot to do anything.

In Aswan there is a lot to do or a little to do if you would prefer to relax because it is an ideal place to do that. You can visit the bustling and colourful marketplace or go for a ride on one of the many feluccas at sunset. Take a motor boat or felucca to the nearby islands or just wander through the small narrow alleyways that you will find around town.

Getting There
There are several ways to travel to Aswan. Egypt Air has several flights a day to Aswan airport (ASW).
Bookings can be made on their website at
You can also travel by train, which is a cheaper though much longer option.
A good website showing train timetables and fares is