Egypt is part of the Holy Land. It is a fascinating country full of temples and tombs, and its history is ancient and rich with tales of mystery and excitement.

Imagine cruising down the Nile on a luxurious cruise boat where the river meanders on through fields where animals and humans carry on with their life as they have been since ancient times. Or coming face to face with the enigmatic sphinx.

This magnificent country abounds with sights and wonders to marvel at and you will find yourself observing the lives of people that are still to a large extent following the pattern of those found in centuries past though this is rapidly changing .

The best times to visit Egypt are probably around Easter, March and April as well as the winter months of December and January. During the summer months of June, July and August the weather is very hot especially in the Valley of the Kings.

Getting There
The easiest way to arrive is by air although it is possible to get there overland. The main airport is in Cairo (CAI) where there are two terminals — Terminal 1 used by Egypt Air for both international and domestic flights and Terminal 2 for most other international airlines.

Traveller's Tip

You will need a visa to enter Egypt and for most tourists this can be obtained at the airport on arrival. Visitors for some countries will need to prearrange their visas in their own country before travel. It is best to contact the Egyptian consulate in your departure city to find out what you need to do.