LUXOR — Overview

Luxor is 675 km south of Cairo and was the capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom. It is probably one of the most important and magnificent sites in the whole of Egypt. It is arguably the greatest attraction in Egypt after the Pyramids and its monuments have drawn visitors from around the world for many centuries. It is often described as the world’s largest outdoor museum.

Luxor consists of three separate areas. Luxor Town on the East side of the Nile River which is where the hotels and restaurants are found. The town itself is built around the architectural masterpiece of Luxor Temple. Then there is the village of Karnak which is just north of Luxor and here you will find the Karnak Temple complex. The third part of Luxor is Thebes which is found on the West Bank of the Nile.

Getting There
There are several ways to travel to Luxor. Egypt Air has several flights a day to Luxor airpot (LXR).
Bookings can be made on their website at
You can also travel by train, which is a cheaper though much longer option.
A good website showing train timetables and fares is - Cairo - Luxor - Aswan.