France is one of the most visited countries in the world. It has a great diversity of sights to see including great cities, incredible mountain scenery, superb monuments and works of art as well as great food and wine. In the north of France which tends to be very flat are the cities near the English Channel and one of the larger cities found here is Lille. Paris is France’s capital and is known as the ‘city of light’. It would have to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its ancient monuments, graceful old buildings and the elegance of its inhabitants. In the west which faces the Atlantic Coast you have lots of sandy beaches and harbour towns as well as the more rugged coastlines of Normandy and Brittany. In the east you will find some of the best wine growing areas as well as the lovely cities of Metz, Strasbourg, Nancy and Dijon. In the centre is the Loire Valley with its castles and beautiful towns such as Chartres with its famous cathedral and Tours. The Alps are great for skiing in winter and hiking in summer and some of the towns to visit here are Chambéry, Annecy and Grenoble. The south of France has the playgrounds of Cannes and Nice for the rich and famous but also here is Provence which is one of the most famous areas of France with its pretty villages and lovely countryside. France is a place to spend some time in to fully take in all the regions have to offer.