Greece is surrounded by the Agean and Ionian Seas in which you will find a large number of islands which are visited by millions of tourists every year. These islands are famous for their warm weather, beautiful beaches and widely diverse landscapes. There are Greek Islands for everyone. Some of them are unspoilt and quiet but others are touristy, party islands and whichever one you choose you are bound to have a fantastic time. The most popular islands are Santorini; Mykonos; Naxos; Paros; Corfu; Skiathos; Crete and Rhodes amongst others.

Getting There
There are several ways to arrive in the Greek Islands. Many people arrive by air and most of the main islands have their own airport. From some countries in Europe you can fly directly to the Greek Island of your choice but from others you may have to go via the Greek mainland.

You can also arrive by ferry and this is perhaps the best way to travel because of the beautiful scenery along the way. The only drawback with the ferry is the time it takes but if this is not a problem then the ferries are cheap and relaxing and have food and accommodation available on board.
For information about the ferries visit the following website:

Traveller's Tip

When planning your Greek Island holiday just be aware that if you want to travel to several islands not every island is accessible from another and sometimes you may have to go back to Athens and travel from there.