BERGEN — Overview

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and is the most popular city to visit the fjords from. The city centre and the northern neighbourhoods are found on Byfjorden and Bergen is surrounded by mountains. It was founded around 1070AD and was the administrative capital until the end of the 13th century and was the largest city in Norway until the 1830s. Bergen has a long maritime history in shipping and finance.

Bergen is surrounded fjords and is situated between the longest fjord Sognefjord north of Bergen and the beautiful Hardangerfjord in the south. Bryggen which is the wharf area is a UNESCO World Heritage site and its architecture makes it one of the most visited areas in Bergen. Bergen is home to a number of museums and the city hosts many international festivals and concerts every year. It was also the birthplace of the composer Edvard Grieg.

Getting There
You can fly into Bergen from many destinations in Europe. The airport, Bergen Airport Flesland is found 20 kilometres south-west of Bergen city centre and you can get into the city centre by bus and taxi. There is a shuttle bus which departs every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday, and every half hour at weekends. The bus takes around 40 minutes and stops at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel at Bryggen, Radisson Blu Hotel Norge and the bus station (platform 17). The taxi stand is found opposite the main entrance of the airport.
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You can also arrive in Bergen from other cities by train. The journey from Oslo to Bergen is spectacular and is well worth it if you have enough time.
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It is also possible to arrive in Bergen by ferry to and from Denmark.
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Getting Around
Bergen isn’t large and most of the tourist sites can be visited on foot. However if you are staying further out and need to use public transport there is a good bus service and a light rail. If you have the Bergen Card the bus is free within the city limits as well as free entry to museums and other attractions.
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