STOCKHOLM — Kungsholmen

Kungsholmen is an island found at the western inner city. On its eastern tip is Stockholm City Hall. In the western end of the island are relaxed neighbourhood bars and restaurants but this island is mostly a suburban area. There are parks and a natural beach, Smedsuddsbadet which is suitable for children.

The sights found here are:


This is Stockholm’s City Hall and it is found on the eastern tip of Kungsholmen island, next to Riddarfjärden’s northern shore and facing the islands of Riddarholmen and Södermalm. During the Middle Ages the City Hall was found at Stortorget, the main square in Old Town. It moved again to the Bonde Palace, also in Old Town in 1732 but by the 20th century larger premises were needed as well as something more modern. The new location in Kungsholmen was chosen and the new city hall was built on the site of a former steam-powered mill. The Stadshuset is considered a masterpiece of Swedish National Romanticism, a modern architectural style with domestic roots. It is built from 8 million dark red bricks many of them handmade. Building took around 12 years and cost three times as much as the original estimate. The building is arranged around two inner courtyards one of them covered. The building is decorated with sculptures and paintings depicting legendary figures and scenes from Sweden’s history. There is a 106 metre-tall bell tower which you can climb to get a magnificent view over the city and especially the Old Town but there are 365 steps to climb. The tower has a cupola on the top with a weathervane with three crowns which is the national symbol of Sweden. Inside the tower is a museum which contains many of the statues found in the city hall. At the foot of the tower is the tomb of Birgir Jarl who was the founder of Stockholm. The interior of the City Hall building is decorated with mosaics and paintings. A highlight is the painted wooden ceiling in the Rådssalen. Another ‘must see’ is the Blue hall which is the banquet hall where they have the Nobel Prize banquet each year with its beautiful mosaic floor and magnificent staircase. The Golden Hall is also magnificent with its walls of mosaics. The garden is also worth visiting with beautiful statues and fountains which face Lake Mälaren.
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Traveller's Tip
You can only visit the city hall by a guided tour and it is only open to visitors when there is a tour running. The English tours are held at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm all year round and extra ones are on in the summer months. The tour takes around 45 minutes and you will see all the best sights. Information about the tours can be found on the website.