LUCERNE — Overview

Lucerne is the type of town that embodies the image people have of Switzerland. It is found at the north end of Lake Lucerne and is easily accessible from Zurich and Berne. The city is full of narrow cobblestone streets, covered bridges, frescoed houses, fountains and in the distance you can see the snowcapped Alps.

Lucerne is an easy city to walk in as the Old Town is tiny and most of the interesting sights are only a short walk away from the centre. It is a town of squares and these are full of interesting old buildings as well as plenty of cafes and restaurants. If you want to venture a bit further out there is an excellent city bus service.

Lucerne is divided into two areas and this division follows the banks of the Reuss River which bisects the city centre. The old town is found on the northern bank and this is where you will find most of Lucern’s attractions. The southern bank contains a few attractions as well as being the main hub for buses and is where the main train station is found.

Getting There
Lucerne has a fairly central location and is easily reached from many other cities within Switzerland. The best way to get to Lucerne if you have flown into one of the major airports of Zurich or Berne is by train. There are hourly trains from Zurich Airport and half-hourly trains from the city of Zurich and a direct train every other hour from Berne or more frequently if you make connections.
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Traveller's Tip

Luzern hosts several festivals throughout the year and two of the better ones are in the summer months. First there is the Luzerner Fest (Old Town Festival) which takes place in June and second is the Lucerne Music Festival which is held in August and September.
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